How to Properly Maintain Your Grout and Tile-Tulsa Grout Restoration



Tile and Grout Maintenance


Tulsa Grout Restoration recommends cleaning with “Maintain”, our super concentrated phosphate-free grout and tile cleaner formulated for everyday use on glazed and unglazed ceramic tile, natural stone and grout. For daily cleanings, a spray bottle and sponge mop work great, but every week or so (as needed), please follow the directions below and provide a little more extensive care. The mop agitation will loosen the dirt and residue while the rinsing finishes the job. The room will smell clean and fresh and your grout and tile will sparkle.

    1. Sweep or vacuum surface to remove loose debris.
    2. Mix 1 to 4 ounces of cleaner per gallon of water.
    3. Apply solution to area to be cleaned.
    4. Agitate with mop or soft bristle brush.
    5. Mop up dirty solution.
    6. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.
    7. Dry surface with terry cloth towel.

Following the directions above will ensure that you are maintaining your grout and tile properly and this agitated cleaning will remove any stains and residue the daily sponge mop overlooks. The same is true for professional maintenance cleanings, as we can remove any stain and residue your agitated mop overlooks.


Professional grout and tile cleaning is not required for our 3 year warranty but proper care with an alkaline based phosphate-free cleaner is. Tulsa Grout Restoration cannot warrant the damage harsh cleaners due to our stain sealers and protectants.


Our Lifetime Warranty requires semi-annual maintenance by Tulsa Grout Restoration so we can remove any stains and residue you’ve had problems with and inspect the grout and tile during our visit. Your Lifetime Warranty and semi-annual maintenance guarantees that Tulsa Grout Restoration will recolor your grout at no additional charge if our stain sealers have not provided the protection we promised.



Silver Service Level

Silver Service Level includes a 5 step process with 3 applications of various cleaners and 2 rinse cycles in between. This entire process is a very thorough heavy duty degreasing and deep cleaning of all tile and grout surfaces to remove years of stains, mildew, discoloration and buildup. Our professional grade formulas cannot be purchased in stores and is recommended for use by certified technicians.


The first tile and grout cleaning application is a highly concentrated alkaline based cleaner specially formulated to cut through grease, oil based dirt and many synthetic finishes. After the solution is sprayed on and allowed to soak for 3 -5 minutes, all tile and grout surfaces are hand scrubbed, extracted and then rinsed with water to neutralize and remove residue.  


The second tile and grout cleaning application is our industrial strength concentrated acid based cleaner. After this product is sprayed on to the tile and grout surfaces, it immediately absorbs into the porous material and bubbles (like peroxide) to bring mineral deposits and other hard to remove residues to the surface for easier cleaning. After another hand scrubbing, the second extraction and rinse cycle removes the rest.  


Our third and final application is our super-concentrated phosphate-free cleaner which is formulated for everyday use.   This application completes the entire cleaning process by removing any cleaning residues, neutralizing any odors and the pleasant fragrance leaves a room smelling fresh and clean. Most of our clients have replaced their harsh cleaners with our professional grade super concentrated cleaner. It smells better, cleans better and is safe for all grout and tile surfaces.

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Tulsa Grout Restoration will provide free estimates and demonstrations for commercial and residential grout and tile cleaning, grout color sealing, stain proofing and minor grout and tile repairs in Tulsa, Sapulpa, Sand Springs, Jenks, Broken Arrow, Bixby, Owasso, Catoosa, Sperry, Skiatook, Collinsville, Glenpool, Keifer, Mounds, Mannford, Prue, Kellyville, Verdigris and any other city in Oklahoma within 20 miles of downtown Tulsa, including any cities not mentioned above. All cities outside of this range may require additional travel expense depending on the size of the application.