Photo Gallery: Tile Sealing

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Travertine is the type of tile that we seal most often. It is a popular designer's choice.

Slate is another tile that must be sealed. Notice the improvement in the chalky look of this brand new shower floor.

Travertine tiles tend to dry up and stain. Sealing both the grout lines and the tiles is necessary.


This travertine shower floor was plagued with moldy caulking and hard water deposits. Cleaning, sealing, and re-caulking was required.


Tile and Grout Sealing greatly improves the look and ease of cleaning of tiled surface.


Grout Sealing forms a barrier and reduces the absorbency of stains into the grout lines.


Grout sealing also enables color change of the lines giving a more pleasing appearance.


This utility room is a high traffic area. Tile and Grout Sealing makes cleaning much easier.

Grout sealing can change the color of grout lines. This is a permanent solution to both staining and undesirable grout color.

The grout lines of this travertine tiled floor were very dirty. They were cleaned, color sealed, and a clear sealer applied to the tiles.


This adobe tile had been sealed many times with clear sealer. The buildup had to be stripped away and the lines sealed to a darker color.


The commercial restroom just needed a good cleaning and sealing.