Photo Gallery: Tile Cleaning

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Travertine tiled floors are so attractive but they stain very easily. Sealing them resolves this problem.


Grout Sealing totally changed the look of this midcentury Tulsa tile.


Dirty countertop grout just looks unsanitary. Grout sealing solves the problem.


This commercial restroom was well cared for but needed a good tile cleaning and sealing with a new grout color.


Tile cleaning and sealing gave this south Tulsa home new life.

A good cleaning and a brighter grout color is just what this restroom needed.

Tulsa Grout Restoration made the restrooms at this Owasso church look bright and clean again.

After cleaning the tile, color sealing the grout lines prevents floors from accepting stains like unsealed grout does.

Tulsa Grout enjoyed working with the wonderful staff at Friendship Baptist Church in Owasso, cleaning and sealing their tile.

This boys' restroom floor was badly stained, just needed a good tile cleaning and sealing.

Cleaning and sealing tiled floors make a huge difference in the bright and sanitary look.

Notice the top left corner where a trash can was sitting...shows how dirty the grout was.