Photo Gallery: Shower Cleaning and Restoration

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Slate tiles are beautiful but this brand new one turned out chalky. Sealing both the grout lines and the tile solved the problem.

Black grout tends to really show hard water deposits and soap scum. Grout Sealant is the solution.


The above before and after shots show what a huge improvement restoration can make to a nasty shower. 


But the process sometimes includes work behind the shower wall. Water behind the tiles had deteriorated the sheet rock.

The tiles had to be removed, moisture repellant wall board patched in, and then tiles re-installed and re-grouted.

Tile Shower Cleaning  

The above Midtown Tulsa shower just needed a good tile cleaning, sealing, and regrouting.


Why replace shower floor tiles when tile cleaning, grouting, and color sealing is all that is needed?

Tile shower cleaning  Tile Cleaning

This gorgeous Tulsa tiled shower was unsightly. Tile cleaning and sealing pleased the owners!

Shower Restoration was greatly needed for this Tulsa Tile shower. Cleaning and Sealing by Tulsa Grout Restoration

The owner wanted to remodel this shower. Instead Tulsa Grout completed a full shower restoration. 

Marble requires tile sealing. This shower just needed cleaning and sealing to restore beauty. 

Silicone added to the edges of this Tulsa shower attracted mold. The silicone was replaced with grout, plus cleaning and sealing. 

Removing soap scum and tile cleaning and sealing is the perfect alternative to tile replacement. 

This Tulsa shower just needed tile cleaning and sealing. 

Cleaning this tiled shower of soap scum and mineral deposits and regrouting the corners helped a lot. 

Soap scum plagued this Tulsa shower. It just needed tile cleaning and sealing. 



A full shower restoration is what was needed for this Broken Arrow shower, cleaning and sealing.

This midtown Tulsa shower just needed a good tile and grout cleaning. 


This Bixby tile shower was in good shape just needed cleaning and sealing.

The corners of this Bixby tiled shower had been caulked. Regrouting stopped mold growth. 

This travertine tile shower just needed a good cleaning. 

This tiled shower had a soap scum problem, a good cleaning and grout sealing did the trick. 

Shower tile cleaning. Sealing the grout lines to a nice standard white helped a lot! 

South Tulsa tile restoration; cleaning and sealing this tiled shower made a huge difference. 

YUK! Instead of replacing, cleaning and sealing this shower was within the clients' budget.

Travertine tiles can be beautiful but challenging. Tile cleaning and sealing are necessary.

This shower had been neglected. A good tile cleaning and sealing were needed for drastic improvement.



Being all marble tiles, this South Tulsa shower required tile sealing, grout sealing, and a good tile cleaning.

This shower is not tiled, but Tulsa Grout cleaned and re-caulked this synthetic shower, removing the soap scum and mold.

Even synthetic shower inserts can be cleaned and restored by Tulsa Grout Restoration.

This tiled shower had a lot of soap scum, mildew, and peeling caulking.

Tile and Grout cleaning and sealing is what was needed, also re-grouting the corners and edges.