Photo Gallery: Kitchen Tile Cleaning and Sealing

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Kitchen tile cleaning and color sealing really lightens and brightens a room.


Grout lines sealed for beauty and impenetrability.


Kitchen Tile cleaning and sealing freshened this Broken Arrow home.


Choosing a brighter grout color when cleaning and sealing this kitchen improved the tile enormously.



Kitchen tile cleaning is just what this Midtown Tulsa home needed.


Color sealing grout lines to a brighter color after cleaning the kitchen tile makes a huge difference.


The grout lines disappear after kitchen tile cleaning and sealing.


Kitchen tile cleaning and sealing with a lighter brighter color really freshen a home!


Kitchen tile cleaning and sealing can even involve changing the grout color to suit new paint choices.


After kitchen tile cleaning and sealing the homeowner of this Jenks home chose a lighter grout color.


Kitchen tile cleaning and sealing can really alter the look of a home.


Kitchen tile cleaning and sealing with a different color can improve the look of a room, notice how this one looks longer.

Kitchen tile cleaning and sealing sometimes involves darkening the grout lines to compliment decor.

Kitchen grout sealing the lines to a darker color solved the problem of inconsistent grout coloring.