Photo Gallery: Bathroom Tile Cleaning

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This travertine tile floor was filthy and stained, just needed cleaned and sealed.

This brand new slate floor turned out a bit chalky. Grout sealer darkened the lines and stone sealer brought out the color.


After a plumbing repair the wrong color grout was used. Color sealing this grout solved the problem.

The owners of this Collinsville home don't like the pink tiles but since there are so many more

important projects to complete they opted to have the floor cleaned and the grout lines changed to a nice antique white.


Tulsa Grout Restoration specializes in Bathroom Tile Cleaning


Even older homes with old tile can be cleaned and sealed.


Tulsa tile cleaning and sealing. A better grout color can make bathroom tile look fresh and updated.

Notice the uneven grout color on the left. Grout sealing makes the lines impenetrable and even. 


These dated bathroom countertops just needed a good cleaning, fresh grout in places, and some color seal.


Cleaning and sealing of bathroom floor tiles makes them easier to keep clean and sanitary.

Cleaning and sealing these grout lines to a bright white made this bathroom lovely again. 


Homeowner couldn't get the floor grout back to its original white. Tile and grout cleaning and sealing did the trick! 


Tile and grout cleaning can make even and old bathroom fresh again. 


Bathroom grout sealing can change the lines to a more pleasing color. 


Bathroom tile cleaning is a specialty service of Tulsa Grout Restoration. 


Slightly lighter grout lines and a good bathroom tile cleaning freshened this floor. 


This Tulsa home had ugly carpeting on the bathroom floor. Tulsa Grout Restoration removed it, performed a thorough bathroom tile and grout cleaning, and sealed the grout lines to a fresh white gleam. 

This bathroom floor was not in bad shape but the grout color was inconsistent.

The owner went with dark grout sealer on the lines since this is a rural home in Collinsville.